Chimney Repair GA LP

Your Options for Small or Large Repairs

Whether you need to stop a chimney leak, fix cracks, or replace panels the team at Mad Hatter has options for your chimmney repair. From small to large repairs, we offer upfront pricing and estimates so you can be confident that your chimney system is safe to use.

Our Most Common Chimney Repairs

  • Install or replace chimney caps
  • Install or replace chase covers
  • Install or replace damper handles and dampers
  • Repair chimney crowns or apply CrownSeal
  • Apply ChimneySaver water repellent
  • Install heat reflectors
  • Replace refractory panels that have cracked
  • Cover fireplace profile cracks with ChamberTech2000

Before using your fireplace or woodstove, be sure all necessary repairs and updates are completed so everything is up to code and operating safely. 

Winter Weather Chimney Damage - Indianapolis IN

But Does My Chimney Have Damage?

Regardless of where you live, your chimney system can incur damage. Chimney evaluations are recommended in areas that have experienced strong storms over the past year. The inspection will identify whether any damage has occurred.

We provide detailed reports of our repair recommendations after every evaluation.

What our customers are saying:

“Roger arrived on time, was thorough & informative. Our fireplace is spotless!! We are having them back out in the Spring to do some repair work. Pricing is very reasonable…
Would absolutely recommend!!!”
– mel, local homeowner