Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned Before You Use Your AC

By the end of winter, you surely are ready to shut down your fireplace and furnace, and open the windows for some fresh spring air. Depending on where you live, spring may pack a punch. When the days are extra hot and humid, you may be tempted to go ahead and crank on the air conditio
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Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air Duct Cleaning Services - Indianapolis IN - The Mad Hatter-w800-h600
When you are running your air conditioner, the air in your home gets recirculated several times throughout the day. This means you are constantly breathing in the same dust, pollen, and other irritants. To improve the air quality inside your house, The Mad Hatter is proud to offer our
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Spring Cleaning Your Vents

At best getting a swipe from a feather duster in most homes, baseboard and overhead vents don’t seem to get a lot of attention. Yet air vents are exactly where all the dust goes if they are working as they should, so it is another of life’s ironies. Hopefully, this spring, you w
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