We Sell, Install, Repair, & Service Wood-Burning Inserts

If you love the soothing crackles, magnificent flames, and radiant warmth of a wood-burning fireplace, but wish yours was more efficient and cleaner burning, we’ve got great news for you. Here at The Mad Hatter, we sell, install, repair, and service wood-burning inserts from top brands! With an insert, we can give you the best of both worlds, without performing a pricey full rebuild.

What Is An Insert & How Can It Help?

Inserts are essentially fireboxes that can be retrofitted into your existing fireplace opening. Adding a wood-burning insert can allow you to enjoy the beauty of your existing hearth with the added efficiency and environmental improvements of a modern appliance. What’s not to love? They can work with your existing chimney, and unlike old, drafty masonry fireplaces, they don’t allow all the heat to go to waste through the chimney.

They’re also greener and more efficient! Modern wood-burning inserts are EPA-approved and produce less emissions than old wood -burning fireplaces. Likewise, they provide a more complete burn, meaning you’ll burn through less wood than you’re used to. With a cleaner, more complete burn, there’s less creosote production, meaning a cleaner, safer, more efficient chimney!

We’ll Help Keep Your Insert Clean & Efficient, Season After Season

Of course, when you do need your chimney and insert cleaned, we can take care of that, too! We provide thorough, mess-free chimney sweepings, and will carefully inspect your insert to make sure everything is working properly and without flaw.

If we ever do spot a flaw or you experience an issue with your insert, we can help! Our team has experience repairing and servicing wood-burning inserts of all ages and makes. We’ll troubleshoot your insert and make recommendations for repairs for improving safety and efficiency levels, so you can get back to enjoying your fireside experience.

Ready To Start Shopping?

If you’re ready to cut your energy waste by up to 90% with a new wood burning insert, give The Mad Hatter of Indianapolis a call! We carry the most trusted brands in the industry and will help you find the perfect wood-burning insert for your home. From purchase and installation on, we’re here to help! Just give us a call at 317-596-0200 or click here!


Click here to be sure you understand why it is so important to have your chimney evaluated and cleaned by trained professionals. Having your chimney swept is a great place to start to ensure your safety and peace of mind.