We Sell & Service Wood-Burning Stoves!

Have you been toying with the idea of purchasing a wood stove this winter? We can help! Mad Hatter Chimney Service of Indianapolis now sells, installs, and services wood-burning stoves from some of the best brands in the industry. Our experienced and well-trained technicians can help you determine which stove will best meet your heating needs and design taste, and install it properly and promptly. Winters can be pretty frigid here in Indianapolis, but having the right heating appliance can keep you warm and cozy year after year – are you ready for the next big freeze?

Why You’ll Love Your New Wood Stove

So many homeowners are excited when they hear about the improvements made on today’s wood-burning stoves – do you know how far they’ve come?

Enjoy A Cleaner, More Efficient Fire

Today’s wood stoves are designed to meet EPA standards for a cleaner, more efficient burn, which will save you guilt and hassle! With a modern wood stove, there’s less running in and out to get more wood, and less wondering about how much you’re polluting the air.

Enjoy A Classic Or Modern Look With A Better View

Do you love the charm of the classic stove look or long for something a little more modern? Either way, we have a wood stove for you. Today’s models are available in a variety of styles and colors to please an array of aesthetic tastes. Plus, many models have self-cleaning glass features for a clear view, fire after fire.

Enjoy Unbeatable Warmth & Easy-To-Find Fuel

One reason that wood stoves never lose their appeal is that they provide unbeatable warmth using affordable, easy-to-find fuel. Whether you’re the type to chop, stack, season, and store your own firewood or you prefer to purchase your wood, keeping your fire burning all winter long should be a cinch!

When You Need Quality Maintenance & Service, Mad Hatter Indy Is The Company To Call

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new wood stove or have your existing wood stove professionally maintained, you can count on Mad Hatter Chimney Service! Our technicians have the skills and knowledge to install your wood stove and keep it clean and working like a charm, year after year. To learn more about the wood stoves we sell, or to schedule your wood stove service appointment, please call us at 317-595-0200 or click here!


What if you could make your existing fireplace more efficient while making it more eco-friendly? Talk to our chimney and venting services experts about all the benefits of a wood-burning insert today.