Fireplace EnergySaver

Stop Cold Air Drafts With the Affordable & Effective Fireplace EnergySaver

Let’s face it: Traditional fireplaces can be drafty when not in use. You may feel a significant temperature difference the moment you step into the room your fireplace is in. And if you do, you’re likely thinking, “If this much outside air is coming in through my fireplace, how much conditioned or heated inside air is going out?”

The truth is, drafty fireplaces can lead to significant conditioned air loss and energy waste, not to mention uncomfortable living spaces. But what are your options?

Energy Price Increases: Meet the Fireplace EnergySaver

Here at The Mad Hatter, we’re proud to offer our clients an affordable, effective solution to heated and conditioned air loss: the Fireplace EnergySaver.

This custom-fit cover is made of three layers of materials that effectively stop cold drafts and prevent heated and cooled air from escaping up your chimney.

What will you love about the Fireplace EnergySaver?

  • Installation requires no tools, no drilling, no modifications to the fireplace, and no mess.
  • The cover is custom made to fit your fireplace, so you can be confident you’ll get optimal results.
  • It’s affordable. Price is based on the size of your fireplace opening.
  • The insulated cover works to reduce your energy costs, stop drafts, hide ugly/old/stained doors, hide dirty ash from previous fires, and stop conditioned air loss.
  • It’s sleek, easily removed, and can be folded and stowed when you want to use your fireplace.

So, how does it work?

Before and After Photos of two fireplaces

Fireplace EnergySaver Before and After

The Fireplace EnergySaver cover adheres to the front of your fireplace doors, screens, or metal framing with industrial strength magnets. This simple design is what makes installation and removal so easy.

Once in place, the insulated cover (which features reflective backing) prevents the transfer of air into and out of your home, so you enjoy a cozier home and lower energy bills.

Want to burn a fire in your wood or gas fireplace? Easy. Just remove the screen, fold it, and put it away until after the fire dies down and the embers and coals are cold. Then simply rehang the cover to stop drafty air and energy loss.

Note: Don’t have fireplace doors or screens? Not to worry – we have solutions for fireplaces without doors and screens as well.

Two pictures of fireplaces the one of the left is the before and the right is after with fireplace closed off

Fireplace EnergySaver Before and After

What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Custom-Fitted Cover Today

Saving energy and money doesn’t have to be hard. With the Fireplace EnergySaver, it’s easy. This one-time investment will pay for itself in one heating or cooling system – so what are you waiting for? Call The Mad Hatter today and ask for your Fireplace EnergySaver cover!

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