When you have pets that live indoors, you must think about keeping them safe around the fireplace when you have a fire burning. Dogs and cats can be curious about fire, and if you are not careful, your pets could get hurt. Not only do you have to consider keeping your pets safe, but you also want to take action to prevent wild animals such as birds, squirrels, and raccoons out of your chimney. The Mad Hatter thinks of fire safety as a top priority, and we include animals in this thinking. We would like to share with you some information from One Green Planet about keeping pets safe around the fireplace and tell you how you can keep wild animals from getting into your chimney this winter.


Animal Fireplace Safety - Indianapolis IN - Mad Hatter IndyPLAY AWAY FROM THE FIREPLACE

Playing with your dog or cat is important, and so is the location of the playtime. You do not want to risk your pet getting burned by a fire, so keep your play activities far away from your fireplace. Be careful to not toss toys anywhere near a fire.


To prevent your pet from getting too close to your fireplace, set up a gate in front of your hearth at all times, even when you are not burning a fire. This will keep your pet from getting into any ashes when the fireplace is not in use. You may want to consider a metal gate even if you have glass fireplace doors as dogs and cats like to stand in front of glass to see their reflection.


Never leave your pets unattended around a burning fire. You should monitor your pets at all times whenever you are using your fireplace. If you have to leave the room, take your pets with you or ask someone to watch them for you.


The best way to prevent birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other wild animals from entering your chimney is to have a good quality chimney cap professionally installed on the top of your chimney. Select a cap with metal mesh siding that will keep the animals from getting inside. You will want to choose a chimney cap constructed from stainless steel or copper because these caps are much sturdier. Animals can destroy caps made from aluminum as they try to remove the cap to get into your chimney.

Questions about animal fireplace safety? Contact us at The Mad Hatter to learn more tips on keeping your pets safe around the fireplace as well as preventing wild animals from getting into your chimney.