Seeing Discoloration on Your Chimney?

As the weather becomes mild and spring slowly makes its appearance, you may find yourself outside more and more. While you’re out there, take a look at your chimney. Look for signs of discoloration on the outside, and pay attention to any discoloration on the inside. Seeing discolorat
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The Importance of Annual Chimney Sweeping

If your chimney system and fireplace is not ready for burn season, you may be stuck needing services during our fall rush! The Fall Rush is the time between October and January, in which our chimney professionals are busy with installations, repairs, and emergency calls for all sorts
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We Sell and Service Wood-Burning Stoves

It may still be August, and you may not be ready to crank up a fireplace yet, but you will soon need your fireplace when the cold strikes. As September gets closer, you may be thinking about your firewood supply and how you are going to keep warm this winter! Whether you’re looking to
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What is Creosote?

top view of cut wood
You have routine maintenance done on many of the things you own so why should your chimney be any different?  You want your fireplace to be to be both visually appealing and safe for you and your family.  It is recommended that every year you have a chimney sweep and basic inspection.
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