Spring Cleaning and Chimney Repair

As you’re getting your To-Do list together this spring, don’t forget about your chimney. Just as you have periodic maintenance appointments for your cars, appliances, and even your health, you should schedule annual maintenance for your chimney. Spring is the best time for many reason
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All About Chimney Liners

According to the CSIA, problems with your chimney’s flue can pose serious risks to your home and family, as it’s no longer able to perform its primary function: to safely contain and vent the products of combustion to the outside of your home.
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What is Creosote?

top view of cut wood
You have routine maintenance done on many of the things you own so why should your chimney be any different?  You want your fireplace to be to be both visually appealing and safe for you and your family.  It is recommended that every year you have a chimney sweep and basic inspection.
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Building a Superior Fire

You may have the right stuff, but do you know how to burn the right way? Keep reading to find out what in the world we’re talking about. Keep in mind, of course (for those that need to be told fast-food coffee is hot), that the following information applies only to wood-burning firepl
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