A Damper Can Help Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Many homeowners are no longer fretting over the fireplace now that winter is over. You may want to forget about the fireplace, but making sure it’s in tip-top shape may save you money this summer. On average, many homeowners may pay up to 3x more on utilities than necessary. A firepla
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Reasons to Invest in a Chimney Cap

All spring and summer you may not have given your fireplace a second thought, but now as temperatures drop, it’s time to think about chimney maintenance. In order for your fireplace to work well and your chimney to work efficiently, all the parts should be properly installed and in pl
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Different Types Of Chimney Dampers

The chimney system is made up of many working parts. Some, like dampers, are hidden. They’re installed in places the homeowner can’t access! This makes it difficult for the homeowner to realize when it has become worn out or damaged. Signs Your Damper Needs Replaced The su
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Why a Chimney Damper is Important

Why a Chimney Damper is Important - Indianapolis IN - The Mad Hatter
It takes time to learn how to light the fire. So, once you have mastered the best way to start the fire you expect that all systems are a go. Experiencing an issue like a smokey chimney can be discouraging. You want the fireplace to be perfect, as it’s often the element that makes you
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Chimney Dampers

Chimney Damper - Indianapolis IN -Mad Hatter Chimney
In order to work efficiently and safely, the components of your chimney system, such as the damper, need to be in good condition. Your chimney damper plays an important role. When it is opened, it allows the toxic byproducts of combustion to exit your chimney, and when it is closed, i
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