Why Is My Chimney Smelly?

Imagine having your family crowded into the living room or den for dinner. You’re enjoying a movie, board games, or just coffee and conversation. Suddenly, an odor permeates your space, overpowering the smell of coffee, buttery popcorn, and even the air freshener. The smell is coming
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What is the Freeze/Thaw Cycle?

Knowing your fireplace and chimney system is half the battle when it comes to having a long-lasting one. Knowing and managing the possible damage to the system is the other half. Even a well-built chimney can become damaged over time if necessary measures aren’t taken. Water and
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Signs Your Chimney Needs Repair

When your chimney was built, it was built to last. Oftentimes, even after a home burns down or has been neglected and abandoned, the chimney can be seen still standing. If it’s built properly, and maintained regularly, it will last, and will work safely and efficiently. Some circumsta
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We Can Fix Your Leaky Chimney

Fixing Mortar Joints - Indianapolis IN
If you own a home with a masonry chimney, you most likely have noticed that the weather can have adverse effects on the brick and mortar work. The freezing temperatures of winter lead to the spalling of masonry materials, which can eventually cause the complete deterioration of the st
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Leaky Chimneys and You

Repairing a Leaky Chimney Water they say is the source of life; it nourishes our body and it is essential to all living things. But for chimneys, it’s totally the opposite. You see, it’s hard to have water inside the chimney. It creates all sorts of problems that I’m sure even your wa
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