Is Your Chimney Leaking? We Can Help!

When your chimney is leaking, it may present in a few different ways. You may notice staining on the masonry or wall. You may hear dripping, or smell mildew or mold. You may not see any visible leaks at your chimney itself. The leak may be several rooms away from the chimney. That’s b
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Is Winter Damaging Your Chimney?

chimney snow damage - Indianapolis IN - The Mad Hatter
The snow, ice, and freezing temperatures that winter brings can end up causing a lot of damage to your masonry chimney. In the Indianapolis area, we must endure some tough winter weather, and The Mad Hatter knows that we will be busy repairing damage after a big snow storm. Our chimne
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Water Damage in Your Chimney

As we have recently learned too well, water can be as destructive as fire; our hearts still go out to those who suffered Sandy’s devastation. For chimneys, water can be more damaging than fire, and it does not have to reach flood level to cause it. Water is what cracks chimneys and wa
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