My Fireplace Stinks! What Can I Do?

You’re likely enjoying your summer right now. After a hard day’s work, you’ve settled down to relax on the couch with your favorite show or movie, but before the opening credits are done you’re attacked with an odor that doesn’t belong. Something is amiss, and after a while, you find
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We Offer Level 1, 2, and 3 Chimney Inspections

If you haven’t thought about your chimney this summer, maybe you should! Summer is the best time to complete many chimney services, including sweeps, inspections, repairs, and installations. Schedule your chimney services during the summer months while your chimney is dormant and sche
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What Does a Chimney Damper Do?

The main function of your chimney is to properly vent your fireplace of the harmful gases and fumes. Your damper helps the proper airflow in the winter, allowing you to open and close the flue as needed, and your damper also benefits you in the summer. Your damper is working to save y
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Spring Cleaning and Chimney Repair

As you’re getting your To-Do list together this spring, don’t forget about your chimney. Just as you have periodic maintenance appointments for your cars, appliances, and even your health, you should schedule annual maintenance for your chimney. Spring is the best time for many reason
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What to Look for in Winter Masonry Damage

Indianapolis can experience harsh winters, including substantial amounts of snow. These heavy snows, sleet, and freezing temperatures can cause damage to your masonry. This is especially a concern if your chimney had a leak before winter weather. Masonry damage can become serious if w
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Use Your Chimney Safely This Holiday Season

Use Your Chimney Safely This Holiday Season - Indianapolis IN - The Mad Hatter
Winter weather is in full swing in Indianapolis, and the holidays are upon us. Chimneys have been puffing smoke on the horizon for weeks now, and families are using their fireplaces as a backdrop for countless festivities and family photos. During this holiday season, we at The Mad Ha
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Add a Professional Chimney Sweeping to Your Spring Cleaning List

Add a Professional Chimney Sweeping to your spring cleaning list - Indianapolis IN - Mad Hatter
Spring is a popular season for taking care of your home with deep cleaning tasks and other maintenance jobs, so it makes since to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection in the spring. There are a few advantages to having your chimney professionally swept and inspected in
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Chimney Dampers

Chimney Damper - Indianapolis IN -Mad Hatter Chimney
In order to work efficiently and safely, the components of your chimney system, such as the damper, need to be in good condition. Your chimney damper plays an important role. When it is opened, it allows the toxic byproducts of combustion to exit your chimney, and when it is closed, i
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Is Winter Damaging Your Chimney?

chimney snow damage - Indianapolis IN - The Mad Hatter
The snow, ice, and freezing temperatures that winter brings can end up causing a lot of damage to your masonry chimney. In the Indianapolis area, we must endure some tough winter weather, and The Mad Hatter knows that we will be busy repairing damage after a big snow storm. Our chimne
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Chimney Caps: Keeping Water and Animals Out of Your Chimney

One of the best tools to prevent water penetration of your chimney, a chimney cap keeps water from rain and melted snow out of your chimney flue. Not only does a chimney cap stop water from getting into your chimney, but it also prohibits birds and animals from entering your chimney t
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