The main function of your chimney is to properly vent your fireplace of the harmful gases and fumes. Your damper helps the proper airflow in the winter, allowing you to open and close the flue as needed, and your damper also benefits you in the summer. Your damper is working to save you money this summer by stopping drafts!

Throat Damper

It’s installed at the base of the flue, and it closes the airway with a handle that is usually above the fireplace or on a stovepipe above the stove. Throat dampers do not have an airtight seal, and it still allow a small amount of air to flow through. If you have a draft problem when the damper is closed, it is likely damaged. Overtime, they become rusted, clogged with soot and creosote, and may stop working completely. It’s important to schedule routine chimney sweeps and inspections to ensure your damper is in good shape. With a throat damper, there are some pros and some cons.

  • Pros – It controls airflow for starting and maintaining your fire, keeps animals from entering your home, and prevent strong odors and air from falling into the house.
  • Cons – It only protects against outside air temperatures and pressure, humidity, and animals. The parts of the chimney above the throat damper is susceptible to damage.

Top Mount Damper

Unlike a throat damper, the top mount damper is installed at the top of the chimney. It not only works as a damper, but it also doubles as a cap, keeping water and animals out while keeping sparks in. When engaged, the top mount damper closes with an airtight seal to prevent water and animals from invading. The top seal damper is often called the energy saving damper because it improves your utility bills. In the winter, the damper can be closed once the fire is out. It also prevents heated air from rising up and out of the chimney. In the summer, the damper keeps conditioned air in and stops drafts from coming into your home. However, there are some pros and cons to this damper too!

  • Pros – It improves heating and cooling bills year-round, eliminates the need for a throat damper, and is easy to engage from the hearth.
  • Cons – It cannot be closed while a fire is burning or carbon monoxide intrusion may occur.

Call the Damper Experts!

If you need a chimney cap installed, consider a top mount damper. It will pay for itself in no time as you watch your utility bills drop. Contact The Mad Hatter today, and we can replace your damper right away, whether you choose a throat or top mount. Call 317-596-0200 today.