Why Does My Chimney Stink So Much?

At The Mad Hatter, our goal is that all of our customers are safe and comfortable. This is why we make it our business to bring expert comprehensive chimney care year-round. When you have a chimney problem, your safety and your life could depend on it. We often get calls  from homeown
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The Risks of Creosote Buildup

While your fire burned all winter, it released byproducts that rose up and out of your chimney. Remnants of these materials coat the inside of your chimney flue, and result in a buildup if left unchecked. Soot and creosote will always coat the chimney flue when wood is burned, but the
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Not Too Late for a Chimney Sweep Before Winter!

Not Too Late for a Chimney Sweep Before Winter - Indianapolis IN - The Mad Hatter
With Fall in full swing, Indiana is dipping into low temperatures! Many families have already started lighting fires and using their chimneys. If you have been avoiding your fireplace because it hasn’t been swept, it’s not too late. You’re chimney system should be swept before the win
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6 Questions for Your Sweep

Getting the most out of your chimney helps you save energy and ultimately, money. Understanding what your sweep is doing and why, may make decisions easier.
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