At The Mad Hatter, our goal is that all of our customers are safe and comfortable. This is why we make it our business to bring expert comprehensive chimney care year-round. When you have a chimney problem, your safety and your life could depend on it. We often get calls  from homeowners thinking they only have cosmetic issues with their chimney, but it can actually be serious problems.

Causes of a Stinky Chimney

The negative air pressure in the home due to the tightness of your home, weatherized windows and doors, a new roof, keeping kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans turned on, can cause a stinky chimney. Anything that draw air out of the house can create negative air pressure that needs to be corrected. The empty space then pulls air from the chimney. As the air flows down the chimney and through the fireplace, it brings nasty odors with it.

Types of Chimney Odors

Smoky/Barbecue – Your chimney is dirty. It needs to be cleaned of all the remnants of winter fires. Until the soot and creosote is cleaned out of the chimney system, it will continue to cause odors, especially as humidity mingles with these materials. Schedule a chimney sweep with our professionals right now.

Mold/Mildew – Your chimney is leaking. Whether it’s an old leak or a new one, you need to have it checked out. A leaky chimney can cause damage to your chimney from the inside out. If the odor is musty, mildewy, or moldy, it’s likely that your chimney has been leaking for awhile. Our certified chimney sweep can spot a leak or hazard during a routine chimney inspection. Don’t hesitate to schedule yours today.

Decomposition – The worst odor from a fireplace is decomposition. It does not always mean an animal was in your chimney and died. It can also mean organic material is decomposing in there such as leaves, sticks, fur, and more. As it decomposes, gases are released, creating odors that are very undesirable. A simple chimney sweep will clear away these materials and stop the odors.

Call us Right Now

Foul odors can ruin anyone’s home, and they usually indicate other problems such as a leak or a buildup. Avoid these problems including leaks and terrible odors by scheduling your routine sweeps and inspections. Call The Mad Hatter at 317-596-0200 now!