Why You Need a Chimney Sweeping

You need a chimney sweep because your chimney is one of the biggest systems in your home—it may be the biggest! It works constantly to vent smoke and gases from your fireplace while it’s in use, and while it does, it becomes coated in microscopic particles from your fire. Creosote and
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We Have Three Levels of Chimney Evaluation

Spring is the time of year that you’re likely closing out your chimney for the off-season. Not many homeowners choose to leave the fireplace open throughout summer, and for good reason. Closed doors and dampers keep drafts, debris, odors, and animals out. It should also mean that the
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Fire Safety Tips for Your Family

The holiday season is often a hectic time of year. Schedules become busy, family comes to town, and finances are tight. During this stressful time it’s important to remember how dangerous the fireplace can be—because the holidays are a favorite time for fireplaces! There’s nothing bet
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Not Too Late for a Chimney Sweep Before Winter!

Not Too Late for a Chimney Sweep Before Winter - Indianapolis IN - The Mad Hatter
With Fall in full swing, Indiana is dipping into low temperatures! Many families have already started lighting fires and using their chimneys. If you have been avoiding your fireplace because it hasn’t been swept, it’s not too late. You’re chimney system should be swept before the win
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Appointment Tips

Appointment Tips Image - Indianapolis IN - The Mad Hatter
With summer winding down, your life is most likely getting busier every day. Fall can be one of the most hectic seasons of the year with back to school preparations and holiday countdowns being added to your regular workload. When you are busy, it can be easy to forget things or procr
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Things to Know About Your Chimney Appointment

Things to know about your chimney appointment - Indianapolis IN - The Mad Hatter
To ensure your fireplace will be ready to use on the first cool day of fall, The Mad Hatter recommends that you schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection appointment in the summer. You will have a much easier time scheduling these maintenance services on a date and time tha
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Add a Professional Chimney Sweeping to Your Spring Cleaning List

Add a Professional Chimney Sweeping to your spring cleaning list - Indianapolis IN - Mad Hatter
Spring is a popular season for taking care of your home with deep cleaning tasks and other maintenance jobs, so it makes since to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection in the spring. There are a few advantages to having your chimney professionally swept and inspected in
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Get Your Chimney Swept Before The Fall

The most important maintenance task to ensure fireplace safety, chimney sweeping should be done at least once a year. According to The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), and other fire safety organizations, an annual chimney sw
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Keeping Animals Out of Your Chimney

It is important to keep animals out of your chimney for many reasons, but we find that most of our customers don’t truly understand this until they have an animal that lives—or one that has died—inside their chimney. Not only are animals a nuisance in terms of the unpleasant sounds an
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Improving The Air Quality In Your Home

If there’s an element that comes to mind first when we’re talking about chimney systems, it’s fire — your chimney is there, after all, so you can enjoy a fire in your home. But really, the key to your chimney doing its job is air — it’s designed to carry hot air and the byproducts and
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