Spring is the time of year that you’re likely closing out your chimney for the off-season. Not many homeowners choose to leave the fireplace open throughout summer, and for good reason. Closed doors and dampers keep drafts, debris, odors, and animals out. It should also mean that the system is clean and inspected for another year of use. This ensures that your fireplace is ready for safe and efficient use this fall.

chimney sweep inspecting and cleaning the top of a chimney

Inspecting the Chimney

At The Mad Hatter, we offer three levels of inspections as required by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). These three levels of inspection allow for the best, individualized service for each chimney. Which level you schedule will depend on how your chimney system is performing and it’s history.

Level One

The CSIA requires an annual level one inspection. This is the inspection you would schedule if nothing has gone wrong with your system in the last twelve months. If there have been no changes, no installations or repairs and you plan to use the system in the same way for the next year, all you need is a level 1 inspection.
INCLUDED: All readily accessible portions of the chimney system and connected appliance. A visual inspection of the chimney exterior, and basic inspection of the flue, appliance, and connections.
AFTER THIS INSPECTION: You should have verification that your chimney is sound and your flue is free of obstructions and combustible deposits.

Level Two

The CSIA recommends a Level 2 inspections before several situations. These include before the sale or transfer of property, when there is a change/installation/repair to the system, when a hazard or problem is detected, or if the chimney has been affected by seismic activity, tornado, fire, etc.
INCLUDES: A thorough inspection of the accessible portions of the chimney system, including appliances and connections and a video scan of the interior. The inspector may access doors and panels to gain access to the chimney through attic or crawlspace.
AFTER THIS INSPECTION: You should have verification that the chimney is sound and safe for use, including a written report and video footage.

Level Three

A level three inspection is required when a level one or two inspection identifies a suspected hazard. A level three inspection is necessary in order to gain access to the hazard, and a report on severity. This allows us to make a plan for resolution.
INCLUDES: Removal of components to gain access to hazard, including chimney crown, interior chimney wall, etc.).
AFTER THIS INSPECTION: If your inspection required demolition to access the hazard, your chimney will need repairs before it is used again.

The Mad Hatter Team

We are certified by the CSIA, licensed, and experienced. We are the top choice for chimney care in our community and beyond. Our precision and excellence in the field and our customer care are the reason. Our first priority is safety and comfort. Schedule a chimney inspection or sweep with us, and you can rest easy. We will ensure that your fireplace and chimney will be ready and safe for use this fall.

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