Why Are Chimney Caps Important?

The chimney cap is small and often overlooked, but it plays a big part in protecting your chimney and helping it to work properly and safely. Many older generations may not see a point in a cap when the amount of water that may fall into the flue is “nothing” and the chimney has alway
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Why Professionals Recommend Chimney Caps

When a chimney professional recommends a change, part, or repair it is for one reason: safety. As chimney professionals, our main goal is safety for the home, family, and community. This means that we strive to bring down instances of residential house fires. The best way to do this i
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Reasons to Invest in a Chimney Cap

All spring and summer you may not have given your fireplace a second thought, but now as temperatures drop, it’s time to think about chimney maintenance. In order for your fireplace to work well and your chimney to work efficiently, all the parts should be properly installed and in pl
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Why You Need a Chimney Cap

Why You Need a Chimney Cap - Indianapolis IN - Mad Hatter
One of the most important things you can do to prolong the life of your chimney is to take as many preventive measures that you can to prevent water penetration of your chimney. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the least expensive way to keep water from get
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Time for a New Chimney Cap?

Time for a Chimney Cap - Indianapolis IN - Mad Hatter
To protect your chimney from the damage and deterioration that occurs from water penetration, you should have a quality chimney cap installed on the top of the chimney. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) claims that a chimney cap is the least expensive preventive measure t
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We Can Fix Your Leaky Chimney

Fixing Mortar Joints - Indianapolis IN
If you own a home with a masonry chimney, you most likely have noticed that the weather can have adverse effects on the brick and mortar work. The freezing temperatures of winter lead to the spalling of masonry materials, which can eventually cause the complete deterioration of the st
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Keep the Chimney Swifts Out with a Chimney Cap

Has your chimney become a nesting home for chimney swifts? Protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, it is illegal to remove these birds from your chimney by a professional chimney cleaner like The Mad Hatter. Fortunately, these birds will leave on their own in early fall to spen
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How to Avoid Animals in Your Chimney

Unfortunately, many people do not realize that you can end up with animals in your chimney until they find something living in theirs. In fact, having animals set up their homes inside of the chimney is a rather common problem. Although it occurs quite easily, it is also a fairly easy
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Chimney Swifts and their Removal

Chimney swifts have been protected by federal law since 1918 with the passage of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Interestingly, since they migrate over the Canadian border, they were first covered by a treaty between the United States and Britain. Part of the Commonwealth, Canada’s int
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Chimney Caps and Their Replacement

So small and seemingly inconsequential, chimney caps are more than just icing on a cake, performing a critical function. No more a merely decorative detail than the roof on a house, the chimney cap is what protects the chimney. Somehow, that often gets forgotten when we look up at nei
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