How Does a Chimney Work?

For many homeowners in and around Indianapolis and across the country and the globe, part of staying warm each winter includes a fireplace. When a fire burns in the fireplace, insert, or stove, the chimney works constantly to vent toxic gases and other pollution out of the home. In or
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Chimney Dampers

Chimney Damper - Indianapolis IN -Mad Hatter Chimney
In order to work efficiently and safely, the components of your chimney system, such as the damper, need to be in good condition. Your chimney damper plays an important role. When it is opened, it allows the toxic byproducts of combustion to exit your chimney, and when it is closed, i
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Chimney Swifts Are On the Way

Chimney Swift Infographic - Indianapolis IN - Mad Hatter
Chimney swifts get their name because of where they nest – your chimney! It’s important to remember that once they nest their, you cannot remove them until they move out. Having a chimney cap installed can keep them out.
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Chimney Caps: Keeping Water and Animals Out of Your Chimney

One of the best tools to prevent water penetration of your chimney, a chimney cap keeps water from rain and melted snow out of your chimney flue. Not only does a chimney cap stop water from getting into your chimney, but it also prohibits birds and animals from entering your chimney t
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Keeping Your Chimney Dry

Have You Ever Thought About Waterproofing Your Chimney? Masonry chimneys are designed to last a long time — bricks and mortar are durable and beautiful, and when chimneys made of those materials are properly maintained, they can stand up to years and years of use, and keep your
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The Role of the Chimney Cap

Chimney Caps Are for More than Aesthetics Many people put chimney caps on their chimneys simply because they prefer the way it looks as opposed to an uncapped chimney. However, those who do not care about the aesthetics should still make sure they have a cap on their chimney. These sm
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