Have You Ever Thought About Waterproofing Your Chimney?

Masonry chimneys are designed to last a long time — bricks and mortar are durable and beautiful, and when chimneys made of those materials are properly maintained, they can stand up to years and years of use, and keep your home’s curb appeal on the up and up at the same time. That said, masonry has a major vulnerability: its susceptibility to water intrusion.

Masonry materials are porous, so from day one, bricks and mortar will absorb a certain amount of water. That doesn’t pose a major problem until masonry begins to wear down, and a “certain amount” becomes enough to wick and soak through to the interior, further eroding the bricks and joints and often leading to interior damage and mold growth. If Mad Hatter technicians find that eroded masonry is contributing to a chimney leak in your home, we’ll recommend having us apply a specially formulated waterproofing sealant that can bring your masonry back to full strength again.

A properly sized chimney cap and flashing can help keep rain and snow from getting into your chimney.

A properly sized chimney cap and flashing can help keep rain and snow from getting into your chimney.

Three Reasons To Waterproof Your Masonry Chimney

1) Waterproofing Sealant Will Help Fend Off Leaks

Think of waterproofing sealant as something akin to a full-body rain suit for your masonry chimney. Come rain or snow, every inch of the exposed masonry is covered with a coat that sheds water easily. So masonry that was absorbing excess water is now shaking that moisture right off.

2) Waterproofing Sealant Will Make Your Chimney Last Longer

Whether your masonry is new or not so new, chimney waterproofing sealant brings big benefits. If you’re dealing with older masonry that’s been worn down by the weather, a waterproofing sealant can extend that chimney’s ability to do its job without sucking moisture into its walls — and then your walls. When protected by a waterproofing sealant, strong, newer masonry will stay that way longer — by shedding water, the bricks and mortar are fighting off degradation and erosion. This way, your chimney stays working (and looking) newer, longer.

3) Waterproofing Sealant Won’t Affect Your Chimney’s Ability To Vent Vapors

Masonry’s porous quality isn’t a bad thing — it helps the chimney’s function, by allowing vapors to escape through the bricks and mortar. We want that function to remain, which is why we don’t simply glom some exterior paint onto a masonry chimney and call it a day. Paint might help keep out the water, but it’d stop the chimney from being permeable, and help trap vapors and moisture inside the flue. Chimney waterproofing sealant was developed specifically for use on masonry chimneys. It’s 100 percent vapor permeable, so it protects against water, and allows vapors to pass through.

If you’d like to learn more about waterproofing – or make an appointment to have it applied – give The Mad Hatter a call!