Is Your Chimney Leaking? We Can Help!

When your chimney is leaking, it may present in a few different ways. You may notice staining on the masonry or wall. You may hear dripping, or smell mildew or mold. You may not see any visible leaks at your chimney itself. The leak may be several rooms away from the chimney. That’s b
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Make Sure Your Masonry is Ready for Winter

Make Sure Your Masonry is Ready For Winter - Indianapolis IN - The Mad Hatter
With fall in full-swing it is definitely time to prepare for winter. Having your chimney system cleaned and inspected should be on your to-do list if it hasn’t happened yet. However there are other factors to consider when it comes to your masonry. Water and Your Masonry Chimney A mas
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Keeping Your Chimney Dry

Have You Ever Thought About Waterproofing Your Chimney? Masonry chimneys are designed to last a long time — bricks and mortar are durable and beautiful, and when chimneys made of those materials are properly maintained, they can stand up to years and years of use, and keep your
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