When your chimney is leaking, it may present in a few different ways. You may notice staining on the masonry or wall. You may hear dripping, or smell mildew or mold. You may not see any visible leaks at your chimney itself. The leak may be several rooms away from the chimney. That’s because the chimney allowed the water into the house, where it ran unseen through walls, floors, or ceilings until it collected and formed a leak. When you have a leak, your first call should be a professional chimney sweep. A handyman or general contractor might not check the chimney, but just repair the damage. This will result in a waste of money and a recurrence of the leak. If your chimney is leaking, call Mad Hatter now, and we will help.

What Water Damage Costs

When water penetrates your chimney system, it can cost more than you expect. Water can ruin a chimney from the inside out. A small crack in October can become a large gap after a long winter, and the result is a leaky chimney in the spring. Once water is allowed into the chimney system it can cause rusted parts and accessories, obstruction, deterioration, staining, and more. We know the price of a chimney leak, because we diagnose and repair them regularly–especially this time of year.

Diagnosing Your Chimney

The first thing we do when you call us to check out your leak is check the flashing. This is made up of metal sheets strategically placed to shed water away from the intersection of the chimney and roof. It’s often installed incorrectly because homeowners attempt to do it themselves or hire out neighbors and handymen, so it may not cover the seam properly, nails may be exposed, or it may not be secure in wind and weather. At The Mad Hatter, we repair and replace flashing, and our sweeps are experienced enough to get the job done the first time.

In addition, we:

    • Repair crowns – Chimney crowns should be constructed a certain way. There is a specific thickness, slant, and overhang to them that many amateurs overlook. We do not take shortcuts where your family’s safety is concerned. If you have a leak and the problem is the crown, we will get it taken care of by replacing it or covering it in a sealant.
    • Chimney Caps – We don’t only repair and replace masonry components of your chimney. We also install chimney caps when they’re missing or damaged. Your cap covers the opening of the flue, and without it, you flue is exposed to weather and wildlife. Don’t leave your chimney vulnerable.
    • Waterproofing – If you had a leak, and everything (flashing, cap, crown, etc.) was accounted for, you have a problem with your masonry. At The Mad Hatter, we suggest our customers use ChimneySaver water repellent. It is clear, doesn’t affect the way the masonry looks or works, and protects against water penetrating the chimney.

Are you ready to have your chimney diagnosed? The Mad Hatter repairs leaky chimneys year-round. Call us today and we can get started on yours.