Animals in Your Chimney

Your chimney system has a specific purpose. It is to safely and efficiently vent your home’s fire heat. How well your chimney system works depends a lot on how well it’s properly maintained. Your chimney, when constructed, should be equipped with a properly-fitting chimney
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Chimney Swifts Are On the Way

Chimney Swift Infographic - Indianapolis IN - Mad Hatter
Chimney swifts get their name because of where they nest – your chimney! It’s important to remember that once they nest their, you cannot remove them until they move out. Having a chimney cap installed can keep them out.
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Keep the Chimney Swifts Out with a Chimney Cap

Has your chimney become a nesting home for chimney swifts? Protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, it is illegal to remove these birds from your chimney by a professional chimney cleaner like The Mad Hatter. Fortunately, these birds will leave on their own in early fall to spen
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Chimney Swifts and their Removal

Chimney swifts have been protected by federal law since 1918 with the passage of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Interestingly, since they migrate over the Canadian border, they were first covered by a treaty between the United States and Britain. Part of the Commonwealth, Canada’s int
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Critters Known to Nest In Chimneys

Chimneys make nice warm homes for birds and small animals alike, dragging in sticks and grasses to line their nests. Unfortunately, these cozy cabins completely prevent the chimney from doing its job, which is to draw smoke out of the house. While birds and squirrels are the critters
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