Chimneys make nice warm homes for birds and small animals alike, dragging in sticks and grasses to line their nests. Unfortunately, these cozy cabins completely prevent the chimney from doing its job, which is to draw smoke out of the house. While birds and squirrels are the critters most likely to take up residence in your chimney, guests have included some unusual animals.

Critters in your chimney

Raccoons, bats, and ducks have all been found in chimneys, along with a number of bird species. Starlings, doves, and chimney swifts all like to make their nests in chimneys, and their homes can prevent toxic smoke from leaving yours. Therefore, no matter how pretty or cute you may find these nesting visitors, it is time for them to leave home.

One sign of nesting birds or animals is the sound of scratching and, of course, cooing, chirping, and quacking. These are not sounds one should expect to hear in their fireplace or echoing in the chimney. No, these are a clear sign that you have guests and they will have to be moved.

Another sign, especially of small animals or raccoons having taken up residence in your chimney, is droppings in the fireplace. Those are not lucky shots from animals perched atop your chimney or birds flying overhead. Those are the droppings of animals that are living in your chimney and it is time to call a professional.

Both raccoons and squirrels carry rabies, so their droppings are not exactly welcome in anyone’s home. Still, it is easier for an animal like a raccoon to get into your chimney than it is to get out of it. They can easily get stuck and die in the chimney, the source of that horrible smell coming from your fireplace. Do yourself a favor. Call us today to come and install a chimney cap. This will keep these critters out in the first place.