Only Burn Properly Seasoned Firewood This Winter

If you have a wood insert, stove, or open fireplace, you need to burn the right wood. Whether you burn a fire every now and then for ambiance or every single day for warmth, you need to burn the right wood. Why? The kind of wood you choose will determine how well your chimney system w
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Choose The Right Firewood This Winter

Choose The Right Firewood This Winter Image - Indianapolis IN - The Mad Hatter
When you depend on wood heat to keep you warm this winter, you want your fire to be hot, your temperature to be consistent, and your chimney system in top-notch condition. Many factors go into making your chimney work properly, even the firewood you choose. Trees, Density, and Firewoo
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Burn Wood Safely This Fall and Winter

Safe Wood Burning - Indianapolis IN - Mad Hatter
While a wood-burning flame during the fall and winter can be very enjoyable, it also holds a lot of responsibilities. Not knowing and understanding the best practices for burning wood can lead to hazardous situations, including a devastating house fire. As fireplace safety is our top
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Choosing Firewood for the Fall & Winter Seasons

The essential ingredient to a successful fire, the right firewood can provide you with convenient, effective, and safe heat all winter long. Many homeowners with a fireplace know very little about choosing and storing firewood correctly. Our customers at The Mad Hatter often ask our a
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