With Fall in full swing, Indiana is dipping into low temperatures! Many families have already started lighting fires and using their chimneys. If you have been avoiding your fireplace because it hasn’t been swept, it’s not too late. You’re chimney system should be swept before the winter season, and you can get it finished before it gets too cold!

Not Too Late for a Chimney Sweep Before Winter - Indianapolis IN - The Mad HatterWhy Sweep Your Chimney Before Winter

Chimney sweep companies require homeowners to discontinue use of their chimneys 24 hours prior to a chimney appointment. This is for the sweep’s safety, but also so that the creosote and debris inside the chimney is allowed to cool before the appointment. If your chimney is the main heat source in your home, you can go over 24 hours without heat in preparation for this appointment. Avoid this headache by scheduling your chimney sweep now. The weather is still mild and there is time to get this done before winter weather hits.

If you’ve already lit a fire in your fireplace or appliance, don’t worry. You should still have your chimney swept. If you burn organic wood, manufactured fire-starter logs, pellets, gas, or oil, your fire still releases byproducts that vent through the chimney. While these vapors and soot rise up the chimney, it deposits onto the liner walls, and can result in creosote buildup. If left unchecked it can become level three, or glazed, creosote which is highly flammable. Creosote buildup can also obstruct the flue, affecting the draft, and bringing down the efficiency of the chimney system.

Benefits of a Chimney Sweep

If you depend on your chimney system and a stove or appliance as your primary heat source, you want it to be as efficient as possible. When your chimney is cleaned properly, it will work at its best.

Maybe you use a fireplace as secondary heat, and mostly appreciate its ambiance when entertaining guests. If you forget the regular chimney sweeps, you may find that your chimney will begin stinking. This is most commonly caused from a creosote buildup. This is why all of the creosote is removed during a chimney sweep. When you keep up with these routine appointments, you shouldn’t smell anything besides a peaceful fire.

Choosing a Professional

It’s common for individuals to attempt cleaning their own chimney flue. However, it’s just not possible to do so correctly and thoroughly without the expertise, training, and tools of a professional. Hiring a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) means hiring a professional that is trained and experienced cleaning every type of chimney system and appliance combination. A CSIA certified chimney sweep is what homeowners insurance often requires. Also, it will give you peace of mind knowing the job is done correctly, and it’s done now. We can fit you into our schedule before winter!

It’s our goal for our customers to be safe and warm this winter. You still have time to let The Mad Hatter sweep your chimney before winter! Call one of our chimney professionals at 317.596.0200 or request an appointment online.