If you haven’t thought about your chimney this summer, maybe you should! Summer is the best time to complete many chimney services, including sweeps, inspections, repairs, and installations. Schedule your chimney services during the summer months while your chimney is dormant and schedule is flexible. We’ll have your chimney system ready for the fall!

Professional Inspections Explained

If your chimney hasn’t undergone any changes or withstood any serious damage this year, you may need a simple level 1 inspection. Many homeowners fail to schedule annual inspections, thinking they’re cost prohibitive. In reality, they’re comparable in cost to many other home maintenance tasks. For example, paying a small amount for your car every five to eight thousand miles can prevent serious and costly damage later when the engine can be damaged from neglect and overuse. The chimney is just as important to your family and your home as your car, and it can be just as dangerous. Scheduling a level 1 inspection every 12 months is the best way to prevent more expensive inspection, damage, and repairs.

Level One

The minimum annual requirement for chimney safety. It includes all of the readily accessible portions of the chimney interior and exterior. The chimney sweep looks for basic soundness of the chimney structure and flue, the installation and connections of the appliances, and checks for obstruction and combustible deposits in the system.

Level Two

Level two inspections are required before the sell or transfer of property. They are also necessary after natural occurrences impact the chimney system or after changes to the system. Natural occurences include tornadoes, fires, and earthquakes, and changes include repairs and installations. It includes everything in a level one inspection in addition to a video scan of the interior of the system and concealed portions inside attics or crawl spaces.

Level Three

We perform level three inspections when a level one or two inspection identifies a hazard. This assessment may include the removal of walls, materials, and brick to gain access to the hazard in question.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

When it comes to chimney damage, prevention is key. During annual level one inspections, chimney experts identify small damage and problems to correct. This helps prevent greater damage and hazards in the future.

We encourage our customers and neighbors in and around Indianapolis to schedule these appointments during the summer. This allows for plenty of time to make necessary repairs and desired changes before burn season.

If you haven’t had your chimney inspected or cleaned since you moved in, or in the last 12 months, call The Mad Hatter today at 317-596-0200! While you’re at it, you can talk to an expert about upgrading, waterproofing, and more!