If you own a home with a masonry chimney, you most likely have noticed that the weather can have adverse effects on the brick and mortar work. The freezing temperatures of winter lead to the spalling of masonry materials, which can eventually cause the complete deterioration of the structure of your chimney. Loose and missing bricks and crumbled mortar from spalling also create gaps in your chimney that allow the heavy rains of spring and summer to pour water directly into the interior of your chimney. Water exposure can cause so much damage that the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has named water as the number one enemy of masonry chimneys. Repairing leaky chimneys is one of the most important maintenance tasks performed by our certified technicians at The Mad Hatter. We would like to tell you more about how we can fix any water leaks your chimney may be experiencing.

Fixing Mortar Joints - Indianapolis IN


As the seal between the roof and your chimney, flashing plays an important role in stopping water from entering your chimney. The CSIA describes flashing as a prevention of rainwater from running down your chimney and entering your home’s interior to cause damage to your ceilings and walls. The chimney technicians at The Mad Hatter know the importance of customized flashing to best protect your chimney from water leaks. A bad flashing job can even create a bigger water leak problem. You can trust us to properly fit the flashing between your roof and chimney.

Chimney Crowns

Located at the top of your flue, your chimney crown can also protect your chimney from water penetration. However, a chimney crown can suffer cracks and other spalling damage, and water can get in through these cracks. Chimney leaks can be one of the first signs of chimney crown damage. The CSIA recommends a chimney crown be constructed of a Portland cement-based mixture and formed to provide an overhang projecting beyond all sides of the chimney by a minimum of two inches. The Mad Hatter closely follows these recommendations, and we can also repair cracks and apply a waterproofing formula to keep your crown from spalling.

Chimney Caps

If you are on a budget, you can still prevent water penetration of your chimney with a professionally installed chimney cap from The Mad Hatter. The CSIA says that chimney caps are the least expensive ways to keep water from rain and melted snow from entering your masonry chimney. A cap can also stop animals and birds from taking up residence within your flue. If you do not have a chimney cap on top of your chimney, contact us to find out more about our chimney cap sales and installation services.

Masonry Joints

If your exterior masonry joints have deteriorated due to spalling, water can leak through those cracks. The Mad Hatter knows the best way to repair these damaged joints: tuckpointing. Extensively trained in this process, our chimney masons have vast experience in tuckpointing and can restore historical chimneys as well as repair damage by removing the old mortar and and replacing the joint with new mortar.

If you have a leaky chimney, contact The Mad Hatter today to schedule an inspection of your chimney to get started on the repair process.