Imagine having your family crowded into the living room or den for dinner. You’re enjoying a movie, board games, or just coffee and conversation. Suddenly, an odor permeates your space, overpowering the smell of coffee, buttery popcorn, and even the air freshener. The smell is coming from your fireplace. Oh, what a tragic scenario! This does not have to be the case. At The Mad Hatter, we know the importance of a clean chimney to avert all the nasty odors from a dirty chimney.

The Weather and Your Fireplace Odors

woman smell foul odorsYou might not notice a problem with your fireplace all winter. The reason is when you burn fire, you likely only smell the smoke and heat. Furthermore, the heat from the fire creates a draft, pushing air up and out of the chimney. This prevents fumes and odors from coming into your home. When there is no fire in the fireplace, the air pressure outside the home presses in, pushing air into the home and bringing in stinky odors.

Smoky/Barbecue Odor

The most noticeable odor from fireplaces and chimneys is the smell of a smoky, dirty barbecue grill or oven. These smell may come out of the fireplace, clean out doors, or from seams in the flue. You might notice this particular odor more when the weather is warmer, before a storm or rain. No matter when you smell it or what exactly causes those smell, we can stop all the nasty odor. Soot and creosote in your chimney system cause these smoky odors, and these substances can be cleaned away easily with a simple chimney sweeping.

Mold/Mildew Odor

The mold and mildew odor is perhaps more subtle, but just as serious. This means that there is likely a leak in your chimney system and possibly water damage from mold spores and bacteria growth. Odors that seem wet and stagnant from the fireplace is a warning sign, and you should schedule a chimney leak appointment right away.

Decomposition/Foul Odor

A foul odor in your home likely indicates decomposition in your chimney system. Many homeowners search for a dead animal of some sort, but it’s likely coming from your chimney! The foul odors coming from your fireplace and chimney are likely from an animal that has died. It may be from droppings, fur, tissue, even leaves and sticks decomposed and emit nasty odors. When you smell these odors, then your chimney needs a sweeping!

As a system that is built and used properly, your chimney should not emit foul odors. If it does, you need to schedule an appointment with a professional chimney sweep company right away. The will solves the odor issues, and your chimney will be ready for fire again in the fall. Call The Mad Hatter today at 317-596-0200 to schedule an appointment for your next chimney sweeping!