Many homeowners are no longer fretting over the fireplace now that winter is over. You may want to forget about the fireplace, but making sure it’s in tip-top shape may save you money this summer.

On average, many homeowners may pay up to 3x more on utilities than necessary. A fireplace with an open damper can allow the conditioned air to escape, causing your electricity bill to skyrocket. Don’t let the fireplace that keeps you warm and comfortable through winter become a bother this summer. Make sure the fireplace and chimney system is equipped with a functioning damper that can prevent airflow in and out of your fireplace.

brick chimney with concrete crown and metal cap on orange stone tiled roof

Why You Need a Damper

Your older masonry chimney may have a throat damper. These metal devices install directly above the firebox or appliance and when used properly can help homeowners control their fire and help to vent smoke from the fireplace. When the fireplace pushes smoke into the living space, it’s usually a problem with the damper. If rusted or broken, it may become stuck open or closed. This can allow drafts out or into the house and can prevent proper ventilation when the fire is lit. Without a throat damper that functions properly, the chimney won’t work properly. You may lose conditioned air and you may even experience animal intrusion by way of the chimney and fireplace. Even if your throat damper is working properly, you still may be wasting money this summer with your cooling unit.

Top Mount Damper

Homeowners and industry professionals are moving toward top mount dampers instead of throat dampers. Top mounts attach to the top of the flue just like a chimney cap but functioning as both the cap and the damper. When engaged, the top mount damper is closed with an airtight seal, protecting the entire flue from the top-down. When open, it functions as a chimney cap, preventing weather, wind, and wildlife from entering the flue. It keeps the chimney functioning perfectly when the fireplace is in use and closes it off completely when the fire is out. Once we install a top mount damper, you will never waste another dollar on heating or cooling the air that escapes your chimney.

Does your chimney need a new cap or damper? At The Mad Hatter, we install throat and top mount dampers. Our top brands protect your chimney and keep it functioning safely and efficiently for the life of your chimney. We offer comprehensive chimney care, including preventative care, repairs, installations and more. Schedule a chimney inspection with Mad Hatter now to ensure your system has a damper and cap that is functioning properly.

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