It takes time to learn how to light the fire. So, once you have mastered the best way to start the fire you expect that all systems are a go. Experiencing an issue like a smokey chimney can be discouraging. You want the fireplace to be perfect, as it’s often the element that makes your house feel like home.

Why a Chimney Damper is Important - Indianapolis IN - The Mad Hatter100 Reasons Your Fireplace Doesn’t Work

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), there are only a few reasons why your chimney system should be working less than perfect. Firstly, homeowners often forget to open the damper, which leads to smoke issues. Also, when there is unseen damage to the interior parts of the chimney, the damper can malfunction. The damper can be adversely affected by rust due to moisture in the chimney. By the time water damage is detected, or causes a problem, it can be quite extensive and require repair.

Your Fireplace Damper

The damper is a part of the fireplace system that remains out-of-sight-out-of-mind, unless it causes a problem. It’s actually a very important part. Its function keeps your family safe through the burning season. The damper is a flap of metal, or ceramic, that is installed inside the opening of the flue above the firebox. The damper allows the homeowner to close the chimney flue. This controls the fire when it’s burning, and to stop a draft when the fireplace isn’t in use. When using a damper properly, it can actually help start a fire. It will get it going faster, and help it burn longer.

The Best Damper for Your Fireplace

At The Mad Hatter we take pride in our experience in the industry, and our top-notch services and professional courtesies. We put our customers’ safety and comfort first. We strive to fit you with the best products and options for your home. It’s part of our goal as a company.

We install two types of dampers at The Mad Hatter:

  • The Throat Damper
    This is a steel, stainless steel, or cast iron plate that rests above the fireplace opening, at the base of the flue. These are typically found in old masonry chimneys. However, a variation can be found on prefab, or factory-built, fireplaces and appliances.
  • Top Mount Damper
    A top mount damper can be installed if the throat damper cannot be repaired. Also, if the homeowner wants some extra security against rodents climbing into the top of the chimney. Because they close the top of the chimney opening with a tight seal, they are often used to close off the chimney system during the off-season. They offer a tighter seal than throat dampers. These are easily operated from inside the house, the same as a throat damper.


Our experts at The Mad Hatter are experienced and trained in installation, repair, and replacement of both types of dampers. If you have concerns that your damper isn’t working properly, it is important to have it checked out. It isn’t safe to operate the chimney system without a functioning damper. You can contact The Mad Hatter at 317.596.0200 or schedule an appointment online.