It may still be August, and you may not be ready to crank up a fireplace yet, but you will soon need your fireplace when the cold strikes. As September gets closer, you may be thinking about your firewood supply and how you are going to keep warm this winter! Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency, ready to convert from wood to gas, or just upgrade to a new appliance, we have what you’re looking for.

The Mad Hatter

We Sell and Service Wood-Burning Stoves - Indianapolis IN - The Mad HatterHere at The Mad Hatter, we not only pride ourselves being the best service in the Indianapolis area, but we offer also the best products. One of our fireplace experts can help you determine the best stove for you depending on your space and your need. We sell stoves of all sizes and styles, from contemporary to traditional. We not only install wood stoves, but we also service them. The wood stoves on the market today are better, more efficient, and more affordable than ever. Now is the time to change your fire system. If you wait, you risk running into our busy season and spending cool nights waiting for a service appointment. Get your new stove now and schedule an upcoming appointment so you are not without a warm and beautiful fireplace this winter.

Benefits of Wood-Burning Stoves

Your new wood-burning stove is an investment for your home. When they’re properly maintained, wood stoves last for years. Depending on the model, they could even offer more conveniences and options. In general, wood stoves come with a great set of convenient benefits.

  • They can be install anywhere. Your new wood-burning stove can be installed in any room and any space, when installed by a professional. One of our technicians use refractory materials to prevent heat transfer and install a stovepipe or chimney for proper venting of the fire.
  • They are efficient and safe. Your new wood stove can burn efficiently. These appliances are a closed unit and use a majority of the heat produced to heat your home. Some homeowners even use wood stoves as the primary heat source for their entire home. This is possible when you work with a professional to choose the right appliance and for installation.
  • They offer high heat output. Wood stoves can produce enough heat to warm an entire home if used correctly. When using a wood stove, you can heat better by using properly seasoned wood, and choosing your firewood based on density and energy output.
  • They are easy to fuel. Some homeowners choose gas stoves because wood can be a pain to cut, haul, light, and clean up. However, other homeowners choose wood because it is easy-to-find, readily-available, and produces good results.

A fireplace expert at The Mad Hatter is ready to help you take the next step. We sell, install, and service wood stoves, and we want to help you find the perfect wood stove for your home. Call 317-596-0200 right now to get started!