Whether you’re upgrading your fireplace because of a remodel, or you acquired a property that needs a rebuild, choosing a wood-burning insert is a great option to save time and money. The insert is a firebox retrofitted into your existing fireplace. By using a fireplace insert you can avoid repairing a damaged firebox because it is housed in the fireplace. The inserts offer many benefits and are great for zone heating.

The Benefits

  • High Efficiency.
    A fireplace insert is a closed system connected directly to your flue. It operates much like a stove, but is designed to look like a fireplace. Since it isn’t open and drafty like a traditional fireplace, the insert increases efficiency by up to 90%! The less creosote produced and left in the chimney allows the wood to burn cleaner. This system allows for a more complete burn, saving you money spent on wood and chimney sweeps.
  • Looks Like a Fireplace.
    The fireplace insert offers a quick remodel option because it comes in a variety of designs. It’s heat output and efficiency is much like a stove. Inserts feature beautiful doors and a glass window. The radiant heat from the glass as well as the insert’s blower system create substantial heat output.
  • Lower Installation Costs.
    A complete fireplace rebuild can be costly. If the chimney is in good condition you can choose a fireplace insert, but it may need to be sized to fit the capacity of your new fireplace. Before the insert is installed, a professional should inspect your chimney. This insures the masonry chimney is safe and will not hinder your insert’s efficiency. Keeping up with chimney maintenance will insure that you don’t run into a problem at an inspection or when you want to update your fireplace. Preventative maintenance is always a money saver.


In addition, you’ll save on taxes! By choosing certain brands that are EPA certified you may qualify for the U.S. Biomass Tax Credit. This is a $300 tax credit.


A damaged firebox is the last thing you want to deal with if you are in the middle of a remodel, home sale or purchase.You can avoid the hassle of a rebuild, by shopping around for the company that has the right price. Streamline the process today by investing in a fireplace insert. A fireplace expert at The Mad Hatter can match you with your dream fireplace, complete the installation and maintain the system for its life.

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