If your older traditional masonry fireplace has not been heating your home as well as it should, you may be considering options to make some improvements. Unfortunately, older fireplaces just are not very efficient as a lot of its heat escapes out of the chimney, and this can cause your heating bills to increase during the winter. If you are wondering how to improve the heating efficiency in your home, The Mad Hatter has the perfect solution for you. We sell a wide variety of wood-burning fireplace inserts, and we can also professionally install this heating appliance so that it will work effectively and safely. We would like to tell you more about the benefits of wood-burning inserts to help you decide whether or not this heating appliance will work for you.

Benefits of wood-burning fireplace inserts - Indianapolis IN - Mad Hatter Indy

A wood-burning fireplace insert can easily be installed in your old masonry fireplace.

Sliding into your existing masonry fireplace, a wood-burning fireplace insert is a firebox which is surrounded by steel or cast iron that helps to trap the heat. The insert is fronted by insulated glass so that you will have a closed combustion system. When The Mad Hatter installs a wood-burning insert, we will also install a new stainless steel liner that will fit the size of your new insert. We will ensure that everything fits properly so that your new heating appliance looks great and works safely and efficiently.

A wood-burning fireplace insert allows you to enjoy the sensory experiences of a wood fire.

While some of our customers choose gas fireplace inserts for convenience reasons, The Mad Hatter has a large number of clients who want to enjoy the smells, sounds, and sights of a wood-burning fire. And, these fires will provide much more heat to your home since most models of wood-burning fireplace inserts are equipped with blowers that distribute the heated air throughout the room.

A wood-burning fireplace insert is certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Many people think of burning wood as being hazardous to the environment because of the polluting emissions released during the combustion process. However, new technology allows for wood-burning fireplace inserts to efficiently burn wood without emitting a lot of pollution. According to How Stuff Works, the EPA certifies every wood-burning insert to make sure that they safely efficiently burn wood with less smoke. The EPA also claims that, when professionally installed, these inserts will reduce the consumption of wood as well as the accumulation of the hazardous natural compound, creosote.

Tired of increasing heating bills each winter? Contact us at The Mad Hatter to find out how a wood-burning fireplace insert can save you money and provide your home with more heat.