One of the most important parts of your chimney system is the chimney cap. It has multiple jobs and is vitally important for both efficiency and safety.

Keep Weather Out

The chimney cap prevents water from penetrating and damaging your masonry chimney. If water is allowed inside your chimney system it can wreak havoc! It can cause rot, deterioration, rust, and stains to the whole system. In addition, damage to the interior materials of the home. Spring rain, winter snow, summer humidity—moisture can affect your chimney system year round.

Keep Wildlife Out

Your chimney is susceptible to wild life, especially in winter and spring. In the winter small animals seek shelter from the cold in the warm, dry flue. In the spring they nest in flues. There are even some small birds that are protected and cannot be removed while nesting. Any opening in the flue can allow wild animals in where they can become stuck, suffocate, and die, obstructing your flue and causing foul odors.

Keep the Fire In

Part of the purpose of a chimney cap is to keep hot sparks from leaving the flue and igniting debris on the roof or near the house. Dry sticks, fall leaves, and even some types of roofing materials can ignite easily if an unruly fire throws sparks from the flue. A chimney cap keeps sparks and cinders in, so you don’t have to worry about the risk of fire.

Common Problems With Your Chimney Cap

The most common issue with a chimney cap is that it’s missing! The older generations didn’t see the need, and many new homeowners don’t even realize their chimney doesn’t have a cap. This is why it’s vital to have your chimney inspected when you purchase a new home. Because of the high efficiency of modern products, you should always use a chimney cap to top your chimney.

A broken or damaged chimney cap can allow a buildup of debris on the cap itself or chimney crown, creating a fire hazard. An inexpensive or poorly installed cap can also affect the draft, making it difficult to start or keep a fire going.

If you aren’t sure if your chimney cap is working properly, you should contact a certified chimney sweep right away. A Mad Hatter chimney sweep can assess the entire system and determine whether it has been affected by a missing or damaged cap. Many companies might repair the damage, but not seek the cause of the leak. Mad Hatter chimney experts repair the damage and fix the problem for good.

While you discuss your chimney cap options with your chimney expert, ask about the top mount damper which kills two birds with one stone. The top mount damper is more efficient than a traditional throat damper and acts as a chimney cap!

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