The chase cover is as important to your house as your foundation or your roof. It protects the chimney from outside influences that can lead to chimney malfunction and fire; putting your safety, health, and finances at risk!

Chase Cover or Chimney Cap

A chase cover, sometimes called a top pan, is used for pre-fab or factory-built fireplaces. It functions as a chimney cap and crown. It protects the chimney flue from outside intrusions, like weather and wildlife. Instead of covering just the top of the chimney like a cap, the chase cover fits over the top, helping the water to run off completely, doing the job of both a chimney cap and chimney crown. While a chimney cap is installed onto a masonry chimney, a chase cover fits over the chimney chase on chimneys with wood, metal, or vinyl siding.

Common Chase Cover Problems

Even a properly-installed chase cover can cause issues, just like a well-constructed chimney can need routine maintenance during its life. It should be inspected annually in order to catch any weaknesses before they cause any number of problems that can cost in the long run.

Common problems include:

  • Rusted chase cover
  • Stained aluminum siding
  • Leaks cause chase wood to rot
  • Damage to chimney interior
  • Cracked, deteriorated caulk
  • Damaged, stained, and weakened interior walls and ceilings
  • Mold in chimney, walls, and ceilings
  • Pooling and rust on top of the chase cover

When to Call a Professional

If you notice any issues with your chimney, especially evidence of a leak in the chimney system, you should contact a professional right away. Only a certified chimney sweep is able to properly assess and repair your chimney, including your chase cover.

At The Mad Hatter our technicians see leaks and damage caused from chase covers frequently, whether from improper installation, or because of other factors. Our technicians can install a new chase cover. Afterwards, they seal the chase cover around the flue, remove and properly inspect the flue liner, and insulate the interior of the chase to prevent cold drafts. We don’t just repair or replace the chase cover, but also repair the damage that it caused.

Prevent Damage Today

When you hire a professional to service your chimney annually, you are taking the first steps to protecting your chimney system from a dangerous circumstance. If your chase cover is damaged or installed incorrectly it can allow water directly into the system. Small animals can also get into the system and nest, bringing with them debris and leaving behind scratches and damage. The chimney’s first defense against leaks and malfunction starts at the top – with the chase cover. Find out what The Mad Hatter can do for your chimney and your chase cover today!

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