Chimney & Fireplace Repairs LP

Does Your Chimney Require Repairs?

Have our trained & experienced chimney repair experts get your chimney or fireplace back in working shape!

How To Tell If Repairs Are Needed?

Here are some common symptoms of chimney issues. Look for these when evaluating whether your chimney system requires repairs:

  • Smoking Back or Back Puffing into the home
  • Powdery white substance appears on the exterior
  • Rust appears on the cap or chase cover
  • Severe Brick Spalling
  • Dripping noise coming from the area
  • Cracked bricks in the interior
  • Interior or exterior bricks are crumbling

Why Use The Mad Hatter Pros

The experienced professionals at The Mad Hatter have worked with countless of chimney and fireplace repairs in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Our team will get the job done right the first time.

Repairs Most Commonly Performed By The Mad Hatter:

  • Install or replace chimney caps
  • Install or replace chase covers
  • Install or replace damper handles and dampers
  • Repair chimney crowns
  • Apply water repellent
  • Install heat reflectors
  • Replace refractory panels that have cracked
  • Cover fireplace profile cracks with ChamberTech2000

Customer Reviews

Superb customer service! We’ve used The Mad Hatter twice and have had equally fantastic customer service both times. One of the best parts of their professionalism is their ability to explain things and give honest recommendations rather than pushing for an up sell. Highly recommend this company!

Deanna Marquez via Google

“My chimney cap blew off during a windstorm. I called Mad Hatter after another company quoted me an astronomically high amount to repair it. The owner came out the same day and was able to get on the roof and do the repair same day. His professionalism and promptness were 10/10. Cost to repair was incredibly reasonable considering it was same day service. I will be switching to Mad Hatter for all my fireplace maintenance needs moving forward. Highly recommended!”

Joe Train via Google