You may think you spend more time outdoors in the summer, so it doesn’t really matter if your air ducts are clean or not. You likely spend more time playing and entertaining outside in the summer, but your indoor space is where you recover. With summer upon us, your schoolchildren will be spending more time indoors and the air conditioner is running nonstop. Your air ducts move air throughout the entire home all summer. If you use the same system for heating and cooling, the air you breathe really does matter. Homeowners should get regular air duct cleanings for a healthier and happier family and home this spring.

Clean Air Ducts, Clean Air

Your cooling system draws air from inside your home, cools it, and distributes it throughout the house. The system is constantly running the same air while the system is in use. Because homes are built so tightly today, no air comes in from the outside. The concept of “fresh air” is almost obsolete, and the only way to keep the fresh air is to keep it clean.

Dirty Air Ducts

Over time your air ducts may become dirty due to damage, pets, rodents, or insects. What we commonly see is mold in the air ducts. It’s one of the only visible problems that homeowners can see, so they call us right away to clean and sanitize the system. What we often find when we clean air ducts is that mold is not the only problem.

The mold is only able to live and thrive in the air ducts because moisture has built up inside the duct, which makes it able to collect debris (dust, hair, lint, etc.). While the system is shut off or used sparingly during winter and spring, this mold has everything it needs to grow: warmth, moisture, darkness. The air duct is perfect for mold, and vents are the perfect space for vermin to hide, nest, and leave their droppings. These materials are then circulating throughout your home while your air conditioner is on.

Cleaning the Air Ducts

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests homeowners get their air duct cleaned, base on their own discretion. However, “it seems logical that air ducts will get dirty over time and should be occasionally cleaned.” You should get an air duct cleaning only if you need it, as this task may not be an ongoing need in your home. We recommend cleaning the air ducts regularly if anyone in your home suffers from respiratory issues. Other reasons to get an air duct cleaning include:

  • if mold is present
  • if you recently had a rodent infestation
  • if you reside near recent wildfires
  • if you had a leak that affected your flooring

Taking care of your home is an essential part of being a homeowner, and we want to help. That is why we offer, dryer vent services, and comprehensive chimney care to protect all the systems in your home.

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