Your chimney is the largest system in your home, and the condition of it affects your entire home. Chimney damage can bring down the efficiency of your system and cause an increase in utility cost. It also increase your fire risk, and can lead to other issues and repair costs. Some of the major problems with chimneys are masonry damage along with minor unsightly stains.

Chimney Problems

Common Chimney Issues and Repairs - Indianapolis IN - The Mad HatterSpalling Masonry – When your masonry chimney has cracked mortar, flaking bricks, falling masonry, and gaps, this can lead to structural problems. It also gives water easy access to your masonry to cause damage, which leads to costly repairs.

Chimney Odors – Odors in the chimney definitely indicate a problem. Smoky odors mean the flue and chimney system is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Mildew or moldy odors mean there is a chimney leak. Chimney leaks cause unseen damage that could cause serious hazards. The smell of rot means a dead or decomposing animal or organic materials are in your chimney.

Interior and Exterior Stains – Darkened stains in the firebox indicate a need for a firebox restoration, fireplace sweeping, or a simple stain removal. Exterior stains usually means a water problem. Rust stains mean there is a problem with the chimney cap or chase cover. White stains on the chimney surface are caused from water molecules passing through the masonry and leaving minerals on the outside.

Smoky Chimney – When smoke is pushed back into the living space, it is usually a draft problem or caused by a general drop in efficiency. A blockage, poor firewood selection, or a competing system in the house competing for airflow could all cause a drafty chimney. Troubleshoot your chimney issues with the help from a professional!

Taking Care of Your Chimney

The best way to prevent chimney issues is to schedule regular maintenance with a professional. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) both recommend annual chimney inspections for the safest and most efficient chimney systems possible.

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