Clothes dryer fires are quite common in the U.S.–too common, and 100 percent preventable. These fires most often occur during the winter and during the night. Homeowners never notice a problem because they’re sleeping soundly and that means more damage and even loss of life. Dryers are also run more often during the winter because homeowners don’t mind the extra heat. In actuality, a dryer that heats the house is a problem. A dryer that heats the home or causes other problems most likely has a clogged vent caused from lint accumulation. This is not only a drain of energy but a serious fire hazard.The Danger of Lint Accumulation - Indianapolis IN - The Mad Hatter

Signs of a Dryer Problem

–It takes more than one cycle to dry a load. Your dryer is designed to dry a moderately-sized load of clothes in one cycle. Many homeowners assume hitting that button again and again is normal and the dryer may even be worn out, but this is most often not the case. In fact, if your dryer unit is less than 5 years old and requires more than one cycle to get the job done, it’s likely a clogged vent.
–Moisture and lint covers surfaces of the house and laundry room. If the vent is clogged with lint and other debris, the heat, moisture, and lint can be pushed back through the unit and into the home. The lint can be a headache and can affect the air quality in your home. The moisture and heat can also affect the paint, wallpaper, and furniture in your home.
–The discharge outlet that puts the lint outside doesn’t open and close. If you’re having trouble with your dryer, you should first check the discharge outlet. If it isn’t opening, there isn’t enough air passing through it. This indicates a clogged vent.

Prevent Dryer Vent Clogs

You can prevent dryer vent fires by preventing dryer vent clogs. Your dryer vent should be installed by a professional. This installation is more than a store delivery. You need to have your dryer vent installed by a C-DET professional. Only a professional knows the ins and outs of dryer vent safety and installation, knows which transitional ducts and vents to use, and services them properly.

Schedule Dryer Vent Services Now

When you schedule dryer vent services with The Mad Hatter, you can rest assured that your dryer will work safely and properly for the foreseeable future. Our technicians will begin by pulling the dryer unit away from the wall. Then we’ll attach an electric blower to the dryer vent. Using a system of flexible rods that make 90-degree turns, we’re able to scrub the vent completely. The brushes and rods clean the vent, while the vacuum system blows air through it to remove all pieces big and small.

Now is the time to schedule dryer vent services. Call The Mad Hatter at 317-596-0200 and get started today.