Is it ever good to D-I-Y when you can call a professional? Building odds and ends around the house from online instructions is one thing. However, performing important safety inspections and maintenance is another!

Dryer Vent Installations

Dryers are designed to be professionally installed. Many homeowners opt to have large appliances delivered, but this is not the same as a professional installation. When you hire a professional, you can bank on your dryer vent being installed and connected properly. It will be within safety guidelines and to manufacturer specifications. Many homeowners don’t even realize that there are safety guidelines to take into account, but a dryer exhaust technician does.

  • A dryer vent should be a minimum of 4″ in diameter and as large as the dryer outlet.
  • The dryer vent should be less than 25 feet and each 90º adds 5 feet to the length.
  • Dryer vents should vent to the outdoors, not through a chimney, duct, crawl space, or attic.
  • Your dryer vent’s outdoor outlet should have a back draft damper to prevent exhaust from returning through the vent.
  • Metal transition ducts should be used between the dryer and the exhaust duct.
  • Flexible transition ducts should never be used in an attic, crawl space, or inside a wall.

The Dangers of a Dirty Dryer Vent

When it comes to ventilation, whether through a muffler, a chimney, or a dryer vent, you need adequate airflow. A dirty dryer vent can quickly become a clogged dryer vent, stopping airflow, and creating a dangerous fire hazard right there in that tiny, hot space. As more hot air pushes through the clogged vent, a fire can happen in a matter of seconds. Many house fires occur due to clogged dryer vents because homeowners simply think that emptying the lint trap is enough. This is a dangerous assumption. The dryer vent should be cleaned by a professional annually. By having a professional cleaning you:

  • Add life to your dryer.
    A dirty vent causes less efficiency. When you have to run the same load 2-3 times, it takes a 10-year appliance and wears it out in 3-5 years instead.
  • Save money on utilities.
    Running one load one time will save you in electricity and time!
  • Prevent heat and moisture from affecting your home.
    A backed up and clogged dryer vent will release heat and moisture into your house, raising cooling costs, and causing moisture damage.

D-I-Y or Professional Cleaning?

It’s true, it is possible to clean your dryer vent yourself, using a kit. You may improve the dryer’s performance by doing so. You might get the satisfaction of dragging piles of nasty fluff out of your vent hose, and can pat yourself on the back for another year. Whatever comes in your dryer vent cleaning kit will NOT include the expertise and years of experience of a professional, though.

The Mad Hatter cleans your dryer vent without harming it, or making a mess in your home or the environment. When we’re finished your dryer vent will be clean and safe. We will check the parts that are visible for damage. We will check that safety regulations are met, and that the dryer vent was installed incorrectly. Many clothes dryer fires can be prevented simply by correcting an installation error, and cleaning the vent. When you choose The Mad Hatter, you can rest assured that your dryer vent is not only clean, but safe.

Call The Mad Hatter today at 317.596.0200 and schedule your dryer vent cleaning.