The chimney odors associated with burning a healthy fire are quite different than those associated with some type of problem. It is important to take note if something smells different than the scent of typical burning logs and to address it immediately. It could lead to a significant health risk for anyone who is in the vicinity of the fireplace.

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One of the most common sources of odors coming from the chimney is a buildup of creosote. This is a residue that is typically left behind after logs or coal burn in a fireplace. Not only does it smell bad but it can also be very dangerous. It is highly flammable and could cause a fire to quickly burn out of control, putting the entire house at risk.

Another risk associated with these chemicals is that they can lead to various health issues. If they are inhaled over a period of time, they can lead to serious respiratory problems. There is also evidence to suggest that it can lead to cancers and other illnesses. In many cases, people do not realize that they have put themselves at risk for these diseases until it is too late.

If a strange odor is coming from the chimney, it is important to let a professional handle it. An untrained person who tries to handle this type of problem may be putting themselves at an increased risk of these particular dangers. Professionals have been trained to manage the problems correctly without putting their own health and safety on the line.

One of the best ways to avoid these problems is to have the chimney cleaned on an annual basis. A professional cleaning will get rid of creosote and other chemicals that build up, creating a safer environment for everyone. Any smell that differs from the normal scent of burning wood should be taken care of immediately.