You can bring warmth and comfort into your home this winter by investing in a fire appliance. At The Mad Hatter, we see customers looking to upgrade to new, more efficient units or looking to add a new fireplace all throughout the winter. Whatever your reason, we have exactly what you need!

High Efficiency

a wood burning stoveWhen you choose a wood stove from The Mad Hatter, you can count on the best brands at the top of the industry. Wood stoves nowadays are  highly efficient, burn cleaner, waste less heat and less fuel. They have the beauty of a wood flame along with the convenience of low utility bills. Stoves with a higher efficiency work better, which means less soot and creosote in your flue. This also lowers the risk of buildup and accidental fire.

Easy Installation

Wood stoves are a popular option among homeowners looking to upgrade to a newer unit. They are also popular for those who have never had a fire appliance. A wood stove is a great option because it doesn’t need a costly chimney construction. When you get a professional for its installation, you can have it installed anywhere, and we pipe it up through a ceiling or a wall. This means your fireplace can be installed anywhere basically. We’ll use refractory materials to protect your walls and flooring so that you can even have a corner installation.

Styles and Variety

Wood stoves are not the cast iron stoves of the past. Today, you can choose a wood stove that is sleek and contemporary or rustic and traditional. You can choose any size, large or small, with fire-viewing windows, wood stack holders, and even stove tops. When you choose us, a Mad Hatter professional can help you find the best stove for your style, personality, and home.

Convenient Fuel

Wood stoves are a great option for country homes, which have a readily accessible wood supply. Fire wood is easy to find, and when you have a new, high efficiency wood stove, the fire wood is also easier to light, easier to burn, and easier to reach a desired temperature. Choose properly seasoned firewood so that your system works properly and lasts a lifetime.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

When you choose a wood stove, our professionals can also install it for you. You can also count on our professionals for your fireplace maintenance services that will keep it running smoothly for years to come.

At The Mad Hatter, we not only sell the best brands and products on the market, but we’re also NFI certified, which means the manufacturers themselves trust us to do the maintenance. When you’re ready for an upgrade or a new installation, look no further than the #1 choice for chimney care in Indianapolis. Call – The Mad Hatter at 317-596-0200.