At this time of the year, homeowners are looking for two things: warmth and holiday spirit. You can have both and have them easily and affordable when you choose an insert. There are a variety of options to choose from and your fireplace can be an investment, in your property and your future.

fireplace insertInserts Convert Old Fireplaces
Your insert is an efficient and safe way to update and upgrade an old fireplace. You can change the fuel type from wood to gas or pellets or even a more efficient wood-burning one. Your new insert can be retro-fitted directly into an existing fireplace using the existing chimney or bypassing it altogether. Only a professional can measure the space to fit the insert properly, with adequate insulation and clearance. Do not order an insert online. The odds are it won’t fit, won’t be sized properly with the flue, and will be a safety hazard.

Inserts: Convenient, Efficient, Stylish
Location – When you choose an insert, you can have it installed in an existing firebox, or have it installed anywhere else! Yes, we mean anywhere. A direct-vent insert vents through a wall, so it can be installed anywhere with outside access. This means a convenient and safe installation no matter what you need, and no matter where you need it.
Convenient – Inserts offer high convenience options, including push button ignition, precise temperature controls, pellet feeders (for pellet stoves), and even remote controls on some models. Inserts that burn gas can be shut off immediately as well.
Efficient – Because inserts are a closed unit, they burn with high efficiency. The design and technology helps to burn fuel more completely, cutting down on creosote, soot, and the need for frequent maintenance. These high efficiency units also use most of the heat produced, to heat the room. Less heat is wasted up the chimney, and less fuel is wasted to reach a certain temperature.
Style – You can invest in an insert that will revitalize an old and worn out fireplace. There are inserts of every style, from sleek and contemporary to rustic and traditional. You may not know what type of unit you want, but one of our professionals can help you out. We are determined to bring our customers their dream fireplace, and you can have it before winter.

Call on The Mad Hatter
When you’re ready to invest in your home by adding an insert, you can call on the professionals at The Mad Hatter for the best results. We sell wood-burning inserts from the very best brands, servicing them for the life of your fireplace so that your manufacturer warranty stands, and your dream hearth lasts. We are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, licensed and certified to bring you the very best services in the industry and the area.

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