You’ve probably been burning a fire in your fireplace since Autumn with no problem. But there could be problems hidden from sight. Your fire may light and burn, but if you haven’t had your chimney system serviced, it may be filled with creosote. It may have a hazard that has not been discovered. You may have even had a flue fire or two without you knowing it!

Routine Chimney Sweeps

Both the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend routine chimney sweeps and annual chimney inspections for the best and safest performance out of your chimney system. Some systems may need more frequent appointments, and some systems may only need an annual sweep. It’s important to find a trusted chimney sweep company to recommend appointments much like a dentist or doctor recommends you come back in so many months for a checkup. Only your chimney professional can judge the wear-and-tear that your chimney takes. The Mad hatter follows the recommendations and standards of the industry and brings these standards to our neighborhoods and communities to keep them safe.

What to Expect

When you schedule a chimney sweep with The Mad Hatter you can expect professional courtesy and expert care. Our technician will protect the area in front of the fireplace with tarps and set up a dust collector to prevent any mess during the job. He will then use special tools to brush the chimney clean from top to bottom. During a sweep, the damper and damper assembly are cleaned, inspected and adjusted if necessary. Once the interior is cleaned, our technician will assess the chimney outside of your home—documenting damage to bricks, mortar, or crown. You will receive a written report for your own personal records and to use for planned repairs. The chimney sweep includes an inspection, recommended annually.

Annual Chimney Inspections

Your system needs to be inspected every 12 months at least, no matter how often you schedule your chimney sweeps. There are three levels of inspections to account for different levels of use and need. Use and need may vary depending on if the chimney system has changed or been repaired.  A level 1 inspection is included in a chimney sweep. However, a level 2 inspection is a more thorough assessment that includes hidden portions of the system. A level 3 inspection is to identify serious hazards. If a level 3 inspection is recommended, take it seriously. Your chimney may be clean, but if there is a hazard, your home and family is at risk every time a fire burns in the fireplace.

If your chimney system hasn’t been seen by a professional in the last 12 months, call The Mad Hatter at 317-596-0200 to schedule a sweep and inspection today.