October is the month that many homeowners begin to lose sleep over winter utility bills. Staying warm in the winter can be as easy as installing a new, beautiful wood-burning stove. Save money, benefit the environment, and enjoy a crackling fire this winter!

Choosing Wood Fuel

There are many reasons to choose wood when your deciding on a hearth product. At The Mad Hatter, we are partial to wood because it’s a renewable resource. It’s an eco-friendly option and it burns efficiently, releasing less pollution into the environment. That’s not all. We like wood because of the beautiful and natural flame that it offers, as well as the features of a wood-burning stove. This includes things such as a large viewing glass to see the fire while it burns. We think you’ll love your new wood-burning stove for many reasons!

  • A Cleaner, More Efficient Fire
    A cleaner, more efficient fire means less mess. The environment is affected less, as well as the chimney. You won’t need as many routine chimney sweeps when you have an efficient fire.
  • A Variety of Styles to Chose From
    Wood-burning stoves come in a variety of sizes and styles. You can enhance your traditional or rustic look with a cast iron wood stove. Not to mention, you can also choose a sleek design that complements a contemporary home design. All the models feature a better view of the fire than years past, with ceramic glass windows that bring the fire to life before your eyes!
  • High-heat Output
    Wood heat has been a favorite for many decades, due to the high amount of heat released with little fuel. The products designed in recent years are even better. A wood-burning stove can easily heat a small residence with the right wood and a responsible homeowner.
  • Easy-to-find Fuel
    Many homeowners choose wood heat due to accessibility. If you have a store of trees to cut from, you may choose to cut, haul, and split your own firewood. If you don’t, you can still choose a wood-burning stove. Simply find a local resource that sells quality, seasoned firewood at a fair price!

Mad Hatter Sells the Best

When it comes to products for our customers in Indianapolis, we only sell and install the safest, most durable, and stylish wood-burning stoves from trusted manufacturers. We recommend EPA approved models that have the least impact on the environment. Purchasing an EPA approved model actually earns homeowners a $300 Biomass Tax Credit!

Here at The Mad Hatter, we won’t only sell and install your new wood stove. We can also service it so that it keeps working for you! When it’s time for the annual chimney inspection, call The Mad Hatter! An experienced technician will assess your chimney system from top to bottom, check connections from your wood stove to your chimney, assess the wood-burning stove, and hand you a detailed report for your records and for your insurance purposes. Having regular inspections not only keeps you safe, but allows your chimney sweep to make a recommendation for routine cleaning that suits your system and use.

Put your trust in The Mad Hatter. Call 317.596.0200 today to get started – and have your wood-burning stove before the temperatures drop!