Did you know there are things you can do today to start saving money right away? It doesn’t involve doing online surveys or clipping coupons. There are adjustments you can make within your own home to start saving now, and The Mad Hatter has all the information and products you need to start.

Many people in the area may think we’re only here for routine services and repairs for the neighborhood chimneys. It’s true, we do these things! We offer comprehensive chimney care including installations, repairs, and constructions. Our team is committed to saving our customers money and helping the environment too. We do this by offering exceptional products that work efficiently, safely, eco-friendly, and long-lasting. One of our favorite products is the top mount damper. It does the work of the traditional throat damper but saves you money too!

Energy Top Dampers

Top mount dampers, also called energy top dampers, are growing in popularity. Homeowners are so happy to save money as soon as they install one, and chimney professionals are happy to install products that add value and protection to homes. It is a damper that doubles as a chimney cap, doing the job of a damper, and from the top operating as a chimney cap while open. It keeps water and critters out of the flue completely.

However, the top mount damper does more than a chimney cap. When the fireplace isn’t in use and the damper is closed, the top of the flue has an airtight seal. Not only will animals be unable to tamper with it, but no water or weather can penetrate the metal casing or rubber seal. This means that during the offseason, not much can affect your flue. No heat will enter the chimney, no weather, storm damage, or drafts will affect your heating and cooling, and no insects can get in either. When a fire is burning, the damper is opened with a cord that hangs at the hearth, and the heat and smoke can get out.

Throat Dampers

Still a popular option, the throat damper is made of steel, stainless steel or cast iron. Because of its location and make-up, it can be damaged by moisture in the chimney and damaged by soot and creosote too. Old masonry chimneys typically have a throat damper. When it is damaged, it is possible to be replaced. However, if unable to access or repair a throat damper, you should install a top mount damper. The throat damper doesn’t have an airtight seal, so heated and conditioned air can be lost up the chimney. You may not notice that your damper isn’t working properly until you attempt to light a fire this fall and have a living room filled with smoke.

If you’re not sure what type of damper best serves your home, call a professional today. A Mad Hatter, our chimney expert can assess your chimney system checking out your damper. Call The Mad Hatter today at 317-596-0200.