There are still a few weeks before cold weather hits in full force! Hopefully you’ve been preparing for Indiana’s harsh winter. August is a good time to complete repairs and upgrades to your chimney system. You still have time to schedule services before the fall rush. This way you won’t run into burn season – and you can take a little time to choose exactly what you want.

Choosing an Insert

Are you looking to upgrade your system to make it more efficient? Perhaps you just want a different look? If so, an insert is a great option! There are some real great benefits to choosing a wood-burning insert over a traditional open wood-burning fireplace.

  • Less Waste – An open fireplace loses up to 75 percent of its heat up the chimney. This is heated air that is drawn from your home, which means you will burn up to three times more wood to reach and maintain the temperature you would with an insert. This not only can raise utility costs in your house, but will use more of your wood supply than you’d like.
  • Less Pollution – An insert is more efficient, so it releases less toxins into the air around your home. The wood is burned more completely, meaning less particulate pollution.
  • Less Upkeep – Since your wood is burned more completely and the chimney is more efficient, your chimney will not need to be swept as often as with a traditional open fireplace.
  • More Options – You can choose a fireplace however traditional, contemporary, or ornate. There are options that will complement your home and your personality, while still allowing you to see the flame, and use the fuel type you’d like. If you’d like gas or pellets instead of wood, you can choose that too. Gas and pellet inserts are also retro-fitted directly into the existing firebox.
  • Revitalize with Rebuilding – An insert is a fantastic option when you are looking at a rebuild because it can be installed into your firebox as long as it’s structurally sound.

Professional Installation

Like all other chimney work, you should only have an insert installed by a professional. Only an experienced professional can properly measure and install an insert into your firebox, and then assess the chimney to ensure it’s sized correctly.

Since the insert is retrofitted into the existing firebox, the new insert is slightly smaller than the original fireplace. The chimney is designed for the old fireplace, so it will not be sized properly for the new, smaller fire. This is easily fixed when you hire a professional. When stoves or inserts are installed, the chimney should be assessed, and a liner installed if necessary. By scheduling now, your chimney sweep will have time to get the job done right – and in time for burn season!

Don’t leave your new, beautiful fireplace to an amateur who may put your home and family at risk. Choose The Mad Hatter today, and rest assured that your insert is installed swiftly and properly. Your safety is our priority!

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