The chimney is built to last a lifetime. Specifically, it’s built to outlast your house. Although your house is built to outlast you, it takes routine maintenance and repairs to do so. Likewise, even a properly-constructed chimney and fireplace will only last when it’s properly maintained. This includes repairs, sweeps, and inspections!

Assessing Your Chimney

If you haven’t had a good look at your chimney system lately, now is the time. At least monthly you should look over your system as best you can. This is because even a minor problem can cause extensive damage in a month’s time. This quick checklist can help you assess your own chimney in between professional chimney sweep visits:

  • Is your chimney efficiency the same as it has been in the last 30 days?
  • Are there visible cracks in masonry or missing bricks?
  • Is your chimney capped?
  • Are any sounds or smells coming from the chimney that shouldn’t?
  • Is the surface of the chimney (interior or exterior) or firebox stained?
  • Do you have a smoky fireplace or stove even with damper open?
  • Is your fireplace full of ashes and debris?
  • Has your chimney been swept or inspected in the last 12 months?

The Importance of Professional Maintenance

Despite your own vigilance, your chimney might need vital updates and repairs that go unnoticed. Most homeowners won’t notice a problem with their chimney, until it’s already caused substantial hidden damage. Chimney leaks, winter damage, and structural weakness are just a few reasons to involve a professional.

Your Chimney Can Cost You a Fortune and Your Life

Your chimney can cost you in repairs, in reconstruction, in municipal fees, and insurance claims. In fact, your insurance will require adherence to municipal codes. Luckily, professional chimney sweeps are well-abreast to local safety codes, as well as manufacturer’s installation requirements.

When You Choose The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is the premier chimney service of Indianapolis. Our technicians are well aware of municipal codes and regulations of our home city. Choosing The Mad Hatter means you can rest assured that your chimney and fireplace are in their best shape, safe and efficient. However, we also want you to have the fireplace and chimney of your dreams!

Does Your Chimney Need a Face-Lift?

Our chimney sweeps specialize in masonry repairs, including tuckpointing, the meticulous repair of bricks and mortar that can restore your chimney to it’s former beauty. Updating your chimney can help you sell or refinance your home, raise efficiency, and keep your family safe from fire and respiratory illness. Keeping your chimney updated means your chimney will last as long as intended.

If you haven’t yet had your chimney swept or inspected after a long winter of use, you can schedule an appointment today with The Mad Hatter. Call 317.596.0200 or request an appointment online. Schedule now and your fireplace and chimney will be ready for that first fire this fall!