The NCSG (National Chimney Sweep Guild) is a non-profit trade association whose goal is to advance the chimney industry. This is accomplished through increasing public awareness, providing progressive services, and encouraging ethical accountability and professionalism. NCSG membership carries a lot weight in the chimney sweeping industry. But, what exactly does it mean?

Mad Hatter Indy - National Chimney Sweep Guild Certified

For their chimney inspection and cleaning needs, homeowners can contact anyone who claims to be a chimney sweep. They may initially save money by selecting a fly-by-night provider, but they usually end up paying more due to resulting problems. Only a professional chimney sweep should conduct an annual chimney inspection and perform cleaning. Many of these are members of NCSG, the only nationally-recognized chimney professional trade association.

Chimney sweeps are members of NCSG have verifiable credentials and insurance. They must abide by a formalized NCSG Code of Ethics that holds them to higher performance and behavioral standards than do many applicable regulations, rules, or laws. They commit to rendering services in an honest and fair way and continually update their skills, techniques, and knowledge to keep up with evolutions within the industry.

Failure to abide by this code is a violation of NCSG policy. It carries serious consequences including disciplinary action determined by NCSG or a delegated committee, which may result in revocation of NCSG membership. Only NCSG members may use the NCSG Trademark and homeowners should look for this when comparing chimney sweeps in their local area. Consumers are encouraged to report unauthorized use of this trademark and violations of the NCSG Code of Ethics.

Preventative maintenance rendered by an NCSG member chimney sweep can prevent additional expense for larger repairs. Homeowners minimize their home safety expenses while keeping their families warm throughout the home heating season. Selecting a chimney sweep with the NCSG membership is the best approach.